Scoot-Boost is the reference of the tuning scooter 50 Cm3. You will find on this site a broad list the tutoriaux one to help you to repair, and to modify your scooter (to unsling its variator, to unsling its muffler, to change its rollers, to dismount its clutch, to regulate its carburettor, to assemble a kit, to replace a fork, to assemble a lighting, to mount a carburettor, to mount a muffler, to mount a variator, to assemble a handlebar vtt, to assemble an optics BCD, to install a bottom of meter, to install a system warning or to install neon...) all these techniques on being well reserved for the competition. But also of the easy ways (to make shine its casing, polish its casing, paint its scooter, cut its flap, operation of a carburettor, make a checkerwork, install handles...), a hundred scooters tunés with their chart and the photos(booster spirit, booster rocket rocket, booster rocket next generation, nitro, stunt, ovetto, aerox, slider, speedfight, buxy, ludix, trekker, stalker, typhoon, runner, Sr, f12, f15....), of the funds of meters for many scooters (next and rocket, spirit, stunt and stalker), photographs of figures (weeling, stopies...), broad parts engines with their descriptions, a description of all the parts of range BCD, photographs of scooters of competition (Polini, Malossi MHR, Metrakit...), assembly diagrams (plane of Minarelli engine, Piaggio, Peugeot, electric diagram of booster rocket, and diagrams 3d of parts engines), photographs of crash landings, tests of parts realized by the members (muffler, vario, clutch, kit...), and you have the possibility of sending the photographs of your scoots to us.

You will also find on Scoot-Boost the various ranges of scoots (MBK, Yamaha, Peugeot, Giléra, Piaggio, and others), you will have the many possibility of downloading vidéos freestyle, runs, demonstrations, weeling, stoppies, competition of scooters, reading or depositing small advertisements.

A directory is also available and gathers the best sites of scoots, and you will be able to take part in the contests organized by the site.


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